Kerrigan's of Maryland

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Kerrigan's of Maryland

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Originally the our family began in Chicago with our father, Edward Joseph Kerrigan and mother Eleanor Day. Nine children were born during relocations from Chicago to New Rochelle NY, to Arlington VA, back to Chicago, and then finally back to Bethesda, MD in 1959.

John E. Kerrigan
Phillip (D)
Thomas (301) 274-5258 w (703) 602-2175
Vincent (D)
Edward Jr. (D)

I live in Souther Maryland with my family, wife Yvonne, Son Sean, and daughter Marlo

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Re: Kerrigan's of Maryland

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I guess from your posting it might that your family did not like the weather here in the Windy City or maybe the politics. I am originally from Queens in New York City. My father was born in Brooklyn and my mother was from County Mayo.

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That means we love the "Go Go White Sox" and any team that plays the Cubs. This is from a song called "South Side Irish. There is another part with a reference to Mayor Daley, which means the father and not the present one. :D

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